Short term letting Apartments in Manchester

All apartments in Manchester are directly administrated and controlled by us. We have a variety of apartments for short term letting that are located in the Manchester city center, from comfortable and cosy ones to luxurious apartments of the highest standard. This variety allows our clients to find an apartment that is the most suitable for their needs and budget. Thanks to us, when our clients are far away from their own place, they are able to feel at home. Further, our apartments are safe, clean, always ready for a client’s arrival, also, they fit Western European standards. What is more, renting an apartment turns out to be much more cheaper than staying at a hotel, and it is for sure much more comfortable.

Our apartments’ location guarantees easy access to all Manchester’s greatest attractions: the most beautiful land marks, museums, theatres and restaurants. Also, the surroundings is nice, what allows our guests to rest after a thrilling day.
We understand our guests’ needs and our services are at the highest level, which corresponds to all of our guests’ requirements. We know that a hotel room is not enough to make a stay in a foreign city fully comfortable. We would like to show you the other side of the city of Manchester and make your journey memorable.
We are confident that once you chose P.O. Apartments Ltd services, you will come to stay with us again. Welcome!
It is cheaper to stay with us than in a hotel. Our apartments are the best solution for people who value peace, independence and privacy.

The constant development of Manchester as London or Warsaw, business and tourist centers increases the needs of visitors concerning accommodation. At the same time, the limited number of hotels available in the best location makes the price for a hotel night higher and, in the case of the need to accommodate more that one guest, such stay becomes a luxurious expense. 

The location of our apartments also guarantees an easy access to the greatest attractions: the most beautiful monuments, museums, theatres and restaurants; it offers a nice surrounding, where you can relax after an exciting day.

As professionals, we understand the needs of our guests and provide services of highest quality, which satisfy any needs of the customers, while keeping competitive prices at the same time. Both our customers and our guests value the cooperation with us and the atmosphere of mutual trust.