Supervision of the apartment, its cleanliness and technical condition. 

Zero problems with dishonest tenants. Our own on-site technical service.

Apartment availability for private use by the owner. No long-term commitments during the agreement.

High rates of return on the investment, with a monthly paid income.

No need for the owner to get involved in the rental process.

Continuity of tenancy throughout the year. Reduced apartment wear and tear as compared

to long-term rental.


Customer acquisition, marketing, distribution via over 120 industry websites, affiliate marketing services, relocation service providers, corporate accommodation service providers, travel agencies, partner real estate agencies, and the Global Distribution System (GDS) - a booking network of 650 agents all over the world.

Full apartment management service: professional cleaning service, 24/7 technical service. 

Full customer service: reception desk, guest welcome, check-in, check-out, concierge service.

Furnishing solutions.



Thank you for your interest in P.O. Apartments Ltd

This offer has been based on our experience in administration of apartments for short-term rent, which constitute a nice alternative for hotels. 

Together with the information of inevitable profits from the cooperation with P.O. Apartments Ltd, we have also included details of the cooperation with owners of the apartments.

By entrusting your apartment to P.O. Apartments Ltd , you provide yourselves with higher profits, as well as the possibility to use the apartment at any time.



We are happy to present you the proposition of cooperating with P.O. Apartments Ltd

The apartments in our offer are usually owned by people who reside abroad, own one or several properties (apartments, villas) they sometimes use as well. There are also investors who purchase a property only for investments purposes to increase their capital. By entrusting their property to us for short-term rent, they not only gain higher profits than on the secondary market, but also they may use their apartment at any time.

In order to convince you that the cooperation with P.O. Apartments Ltd is advantageous and attractive, as well as to get answers for all your questions, we suggest a personal meeting
with our advisor in one of our offices or directly at the apartment / villa.

In the beginning, we were a small company that dealt with renting its own apartments. Currently, we are one of the most recognizable companies that offer apartments for short-term rental in Warsaw. The professional services we offer are based on quality connected with almost ten years of experience in the sector, which makes us the best choice on the market.

Our long experience has helped us expand, so that we now manage apartments in Manchester, Warsaw, Cracow, on Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca in Spain. We have offices and branches in all those location.

Due to the increasing number of apartment owners that we cooperate with, we have elaborated the offer below, which will present the possible profits if you decide to trust our professional services.

Thus, if after reading this report you decide to cooperate with us, we will eagerly discuss the terms of the partnership, having a cup of coffee.

About us

We started our business activity on the Warsaw market over 12 years ago. Nowadays we manage properties for short-term rental in Warsaw, Cracow, on Costa Del Sol and on Costa Blanca in Spain, in Manchester and London in England. We offer our customers properties for short-term rental, all of them available online for reservation, 24h a day. Our database contains a very wide offer of properties for short-term rental that are located in the most popular and demanded locations. We choose our offer carefully and select only the best locations.

In Warsaw, we are the leading company that specializes in the short-term rental of apartments, please have a look

The constant development of Manchester or London  as business and tourist centers increases the needs of visitors concerning accommodation. At the same time, the limited number of hotels available in the best location makes the price for a hotel night higher and, in the case of the need to accommodate more that one guest, such stay becomes a luxurious expense. 

The location of our apartments also guarantees an easy access to the greatest attractions: the most beautiful monuments, museums, theatres and restaurants; it offers a nice surrounding, where you can relax after an exciting day.

As professionals, we understand the needs of our guests and provide services of highest quality, which satisfy any needs of the customers, while keeping competitive prices at the same time. Both our customers and our guests value the cooperation with us and the atmosphere of mutual trust.


With whom do we cooperate?

P.O. Apartments Ltd  is an offer for people who own or invest in properties for rent with a higher standard and that are located in attractive European locations. This form of rental very often helps in achieving higher profitability from the investment than in the case of long-term rental, while maintaining the perfect state of the premises (the apartment is cleaned after each guest and any defects are immediately repaired).
Another advantage from cooperating with us it the possibility to use your apartment and make it available for your family or friends.

Short-term rental does not collide with sales in any way - in periods when the apartment is not sub-rented, potential buyers may come and see the apartment and we may help in its sales - we may also deal with sales and rental of the apartment through one of our partners. For an additional fee, the owner gets:

  • a professional photo session with Home Staging
  • profit from short-term rental
  • one agent who manages sales in several dozens of agencies and channels
  • an apartment kept in hotel standards
  • we personally present the apartment to potential customers.

Our experience within the scope of trade in properties will allow increasing your profit, thanks to which the investments cost will be quickly repaid.

We own a popular website that is excellently advertized in all global web browsers that describes, in detail, each property, its surroundings and nearby attractions, so that our guests may choose the apartment that suits them best in the most convenient place. Our website has a high, constantly growing PR indicator, great search engine optimization in search engines, e.g. we appear as one of the first positions in Google. On daily basis, our website is visited few hundred times.

Your apartment is also submitted to several dozens of domestic and international websites that facilitate hotel and apartment reservations in Poland and all over the world. Thanks to this, we significantly increase the potential of the rental and the reach of the offer. We synch the availability and prices with all websites. We pay the fees from our commission, so that you are not charged those additional costs. We also incur the costs for submitting the apartment to external services. 

Financial benefits

How much you can earn?

Within the period, set in the agreement, for which you entrust your apartment to us, we will make all necessary effort to provide you profits comparable to long-term rental. However, you must remember that we look for the guests - tenants for your apartment, as well as keep it in a good state.

 For example:

Value of the property




Rental profit (%)




Potential annual value








Time during which the apartment is available




Average yearly profit




                                            Planned ß----------------------à Perfect


Matching and attractiveness

Is P.O. Apartments Ltd the offer you look for?


We have assessed how much our offer may fit you and how attractive your apartment may seem for the guests who come to Manchester as tourists or for business purposes.


A flexible and useful maintenance, and a comprehensive service.

P.O. Apartments Ltd shall free you from the problems related to long-term rental of your apartment:

  • you do not have to seek for customers-tenants
  • you will not be surprised by the sudden leave of the tenants
  • nobody will be able to stay in your premises due to "prescription", which happens in the case of long-term rental
  • no problems with the solvency of tenants
  • you do not pay commission to any agencies

If you own an apartment in an attractive location (i.a. close to a metro station, business centers, close to tourist attractions, in the city center, or in places attractive for tourists) with a medium or low standard, you should try to think whether improving this standard could bring you higher profits in case of offering it on the market in form of short-term rental. We provide you with advice and support in adjusting the property for short-term rental - we will do this with the utmost care.

What is more, P.O. Apartments Ltd gives you the freedom and comfort - the possibility of using your own apartment during a trip to Warsaw:

  • you may at any time visit your apartment, invite your family or friends
  • whenever you arrive, your apartment will be clean and in perfect technical condition

Other benefits

  • · Clear financial terms

We pay the owners the agreed amount for each day, week, or month if their apartment has been rented by guests. This is a fair system that guarantees you will receive the expected income.

  • · Promotion of the property

We offer:

- publishing the property on our website, free of charge

- full service for reservations

- a professional photo session

- home staging - due to the character of this form of rental, an attractive decoration of the apartment and provision of necessary equipment will increase the attractiveness of the property and demand for such apartments on the market

- a professional video recording

- localization in Google maps

- "Street  view" in Google maps

- possibility to upload a high number of photos

- description of the offer in several languages

- efficient promotion of the property on the Internet

- submitting the property to several dozens of partner websites connected with hotel and apartment reservations.

  • · Management of the apartment

After we start management of your apartment, we clean it, keep it tidy and perform minor repairs that may occur in the apartment during your absence. If necessary, we also find proper professionals for this task. The apartment is then maintained in a good condition.

  • · Care over the keys to the apartment

We take care over the keys to your apartment and this means less troubles for you, since we give access to your apartment in case of an emergency situation, or when making it available to potential purchasers (if you want to sell it).

Further steps

We would like to meet you in order to discuss terms of the cooperation. You probably have a lot of questions.


Step 1:

We may just describe all those mathematical magic, but, in fact, the apartments we offer are one of a kind. If you want to receive a clear answer whether your apartment fits the offer of P&O Apartments, please send us its photos.


Our contact e-mail address is:

Manchester :

Step 2:

We will answer all your questions during the meeting. 

Step 3:

We will invest our time in order to learn about the potential of your apartment. This means a thorough analysis, room by room. We want to be sure that we will manage your apartment at the proper level, according to your expectations. After signing the contract, for an additional fee, we will order a Home Stager, take professional pictures of the apartment and upload them on our website.

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