Guidelines on preparing the new apartment for short-term rental



Safety is the tenants of great importance. Do not hesitate to pay for reliable electric installation or pipe system.



What is worth investing in? In good paint (it will make the future maintenance easier), good (but not exclusive!) batteries, equipment, etc. (you will avoid frequent repairs and replacements). You should focus on cheaper but reliable materials.


The bathroom and the kitchen are the key rooms. The tiles does not have to be from the newest Italian collection (they should be neutral, universal, rather without any patterns), but the shower cabin, on the other hand, should not be bought at a sale in a supermarket, due to the frequency and manner of its usage.


Focus on reliable equipment that is durable and easy to maintain. Look for equipment that has a good price/quality ration. Do not get tempted by the newest fashions in interior decoration, especially the most extravagant ones (and those concerning sub-assemblies) – after a few years they may become old-fashioned. The interior must be modern, yet universal. However, you may “go bananas” with the accessories J




The apartment must be functional. Remember about a comfortable place to sleep, about the proper amount of place for storing things, depending on the number of lodging places (a wardrobe, a commode, shelves, etc.). But do not clutter the apartment! Leave the guests some space.




Make sure that you keep the apartment tidy and clean. A carpeted floor, white sofa or lots of bibelots will rather not help on this matter.


Find a place to store the equipment and cleaning products (a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, a mop, etc.). It does not have to be a special cabinet, but, still, such products lying around in the bathroom will not raise its attractiveness.




Think carefully about the lighting of the apartment. Consider whether the apartment will be sufficiently bright, or maybe there are places where you should add some light (especially the bathroom!). Well lit rooms are much more welcomed. Do not invest in some complicated lamps in case of which you need 3 engineers to replace the bulb J Also remember that a properly chosen, stylish lighting will give the interior a unique character.




Do not finish the apartment according to your taste. Even if you like intensive colors, an apartment for rent should have bright and gentle colors, or, alternatively, some single more vivid elements that are color-coordinated on selected walls.


Remember about the balance between cold and warm colors. Even the most modern interiors need some warmth, while brown furniture must be balanced with cold colors.


Add some color to the apartment with harmoniously selected accessories, but to not use them too much.




Remember to facilitate the kitchen according to the planned number of guests (here, you should focus on ceramics that can be easily bought, in case of inevitable losses). White dinnerware will always look good. Think of anything that you would yourself need in a rented kitchen and make sure that there is a sufficient number of pans, frying-pans, mugs, glasses, tumblers or bowls. Such additions as a corkscrew, scissors will also come in handy.


Select proper fabrics (drapes, shades, pillows, bedspreads, etc.). You also should not buy paintings in IKEA J If you have a rather niche taste, do not impose it on the tenants. Select neutral and universal decorations. Some pretty artificial flowers usually give a positive effect (do not expect people will water the natural ones).


Harmonious decorations will enliven and warm the interior and will also help you apartment to distinguish it from other offers and get remembered.




Even a well-prepared apartment needs a god presentation offer. A professional photo session with the correct professional stylization will reveal the strong side of your apartment that will help to increase the interest of the tenants or guests and, at the same time, make your profits from the rent higher.