FAQ for owners


1. Will P.O. Apartments Ltd guarantee a fixed income for me?

The number o reservations is influenced by many factors: its equipment, location, price, and size. Guests are those who decide where they want to spend their vacation. That is why we cannot guarantee a set amount of income. However, thanks to our network and active marketing (account management, publishing the apartment in several dozens of reservation websites) we provide the best possibilities for a satisfying level of occupancy.

2. What does stand for daily, weekly and monthly rate?

We settle with the owners on the basis of 3 rates. The highest, daily rate, for stays up to 6 nights, weekly rate (about 15% lower than the daily) for stays from 7 to 20 nights, and the monthly (about 30% lower than the daily) for stays longer than 21 nights. We apply various rates to encourage our guests to have longer stays.

3. May I submit my own reservations?

Of course. At any moment, when the apartment is available (there is no reservation made by our guests). We may alternatively offer a temporary apartment.

4. What if something will be stolen or broken in my apartment?

Our guests, usually, respect the property of other people and are informed about the consequences of eventual damages. For each stay, a deposit is being collected and it is returned only after a thorough check of the apartment.

5. What should I do in my apartment between the stays of guests?

Nothing at all. We take care of everything. We give keys to the guests, collect the payment, clean the apartment after their stay, change the bedding and towels, and repair possible defects.

6. How should my apartment be equipped?

It must be fully furnished, so it must have everything that is necessary for both short stays, as well as those for several months, i.a. it must have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, one set of bedding on each bed, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a clothes-horse, a hair dryer; a dishwasher is also welcomed by the guests. You will also need a wireless access to the Internet and a TV set with a hotel option.

7. May I receive my pay in cash?

Unfortunately, no. Payments are always timely transferred to your bank account.

8. May I receive my pay just before the customer's arrival?

Unfortunately, no. You always receive your payments at the end of the month.

9. What will happen if my apartment has insufficient occupancy?

In such cases, we analyze the problem with the owner and together search for a solution. The possible causes for such a situation are e.g. unattractive equipment of the apartment, too high price, or no or old pictures of the interior and the exterior.

10. Will I be given information on the people who stay at my house?

Due to the protection of personal data, we must not provide such information. However, we may inform you on the country the customer comes from.

11. Is it possible for me to terminate the agreement before the period?

The contract may be terminated by mutual consent only in cases when no additional costs will arise for you, as well as for P&O Apartments (e.g. guests who must be transferred to another object).

12. Will you fully check my apartment after the departure of each customer?

After each stay of the guests, our cleaning personnel precisely checks the apartment and restocks the supplies.

13. For how long do we sign the agreement?

The Agreement is signed for 12 months with 3-month notice. If the agreement is not terminated, it will be automatically extended for another year.

14. Is it possible for me to offer my vacation house/apartment to P&O Apartments Ltd and other companies at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. We demand exclusivity (excluding your reservations for own stay) and, at the same time, we ensure that the offer of your apartment will be published on all important websites that facilitate reservations - both Polish and foreign. The calendar of availability is synched with all the portals, so that the offer is available online all the time for reservation and there is no risk of overbooking.

15. Where can I check the occupancy of my apartment?

You may check the occupancy and availability of your apartment 24 hours a day on our new website. The reservation calendar is in the description of your object.

16. Do I have any influence on the description of my vacation house/apartment?

Of course. You most certainly know more about your property than we do, that is why we always eagerly listen to suggestions and remarks.

17. What should I do with my personal belongings?

We suggest that the owners place their personal belongings and furniture in a separate room.