Accommodation in Manchester for Companies

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are a company providing short term rental of real estate, homes and apartments. We have been on the market sufficiently long to understand, how badly our services are needed by companies and individuals. 

Quite truly to the adage “Global Village”, constant movement is an attribute of the modern world. The times people worked their entire lives in a single workplace are long gone. Today, the qualified workforce often has to relocate. Sometimes for several years, at times for a couple of months or weeks. With long term relocations there are no problems with renting or even buying a place, but problems amount when you need to move away from home for a week, or a couple of weeks or several months. No private owner will make his home available for several weeks or, say, two months. And what’s more, not everyone cares for hotel life, bereft of even the tiniest homeliness.  This is where our company – P&O Apartments enters the stage  

With us you can rent a flat for a week, a couple of weeks, a month or several months – whatever is necessary for your migrant specialist.

Large companies often organize training courses, conferences and other events, to which they invite their experts, consultants or contractors. And not all of those who spend their lives packed and are unable to distinguish Paris from London or Moscow – because everywhere the same hotels operate – wish to find themselves in a hotel room – cold, impersonal and bereft of the climate of home.

Our offer also includes select locations (Exclusive Apartments) where you can organize business meetings, training courses or presentations. Offer available on request.

Our apartments are a great alternative to spending a night in a hotel. Our selection offers a broad range of accommodation offers of apartments in Downtown Warsaw: from cozy, comfy flats to luxury apartments of the highest order.  This variety will allow you to select an offer which best suits your needs and the budget planned for the trip.

Our apartments are clean, secure and meet Western European standards. Renting an apartment will often prove to be less expensive than a stay at a hotel and most certainly is more comfortable.

Our apartments have everything a person might need when travelling and staying away from home for extended periods of time:

·         A fully equipped kitchen (including tableware, cutlery, pots and pans, an electric kettle, a coffee machine, oven and hotplate, dishwasher, etc.)

·         All are supplied with fresh bedclothes smelling of cleanliness, as well as towels and basic toiletries – soap and shampoo. All bathrooms have hairdryers and are supplied with basic toiletries, so welcome by travelers.

·          Also, every apartment has an iron and ironing board, a washing machine, CD/DVD player, radio, cable or satellite TV featuring a broad range of foreign channels. 

·         permanent Internet access (LAN and Wi-Fi) – as an option we can provide a PC or a mobile modem with Internet access away from the location so your clients or employees can stay in touch with the company.

·         All our apartments are conveniently located, in Downtown Warsaw or along the Metro line.

·         In the event of long term accommodation some rearrangement of the apartment interior to individual taste is possible.

·         Our prices are significantly lower than the price of a hotel and with longer stays are appreciably reduced.   

·         Also, our apartments sleep more than one (four on average) while the price remains the same. So it is possible to bring in the longing family and be treated to a family diner upon coming home from work.

-and of course once back home you can file our invoice for short term apartment rental with your financial department!!!

Additionally, in cooperation with a professional carrier w offer business transfers along popular routes from Manchester and airport transfers in luxury cars at competitive prices. If no flights to your destination are available and you need to get from point A in Manchester  to a specific point B in any other city – this is a viable alternative.